April 13, 2018

Instruction Over Emotion

We are constantly surrounded by instructions as well as instructors. It's not just a piece of paper that comes with the TV stand that you just got it's about life and what happens and how we respond to it. We all want to think that were smarter than the instructions but we're not. That's the first way to look at it the second way is...



In the game of life there are several things that are really out of our control like people walking out of our life. Initially, we may ask ourselves what happened? But obviously, that’s none of your business.  To that end, If you live long enough you say, that NEEDED to happen. Rarely do people walk out of your life because they didn't do something for YOU it is almost always because you didn't do something for THEM, this means that everything “good” that you have done doesn’t count because the one perceived negative thing they think that you did is paramount. This means you (listen to the rest on the podcast)


No matter how hard you try to listen allowing someone to dump their trash on you it is alwys going to make you one thing ... exhausted. - Of course there are times that we all need an ear and you can listen but proceed with caution and make sure there is a bed nearby so you can take a nap after you listen.

Needless to say, complaining is what therapy is for and many people don't know that THERAPISTS have to have THERAPY to unload the stuff that people load onto THEM. We have our own trash to take out and we've got to walk it to the curb. The garbage man is not coming to your door to have coffee and ask about each item in the trash bag and how it got there nor does he get paid for your explanation. So before you pick up the phone and hijack someone's energy, note that they have their (listen to podcast)


When it comes to business or life our greatest asset is not money, love or networking but it’s your time. How we USE it will determine if we have the best love, the most money or the opportunities to network properly.  Are you using your time wisely? When we do things that are not aligned with our best interest, we not only waste time but we lose the energy to use additional time wisely. So ADDITIONAL time is wasted. We get energy from being in sink with what we desire and what flows with the direction that we are going in. So as far as the things that we can control, there should be no excuse to ... (listen to podcast)

January 23, 2018

Your Value is Your Venue

Never get mad at someone else for not seeing your value. It’s not their job. But many of us waste time… not days not months but YEARS waiting for someone to recognize how great we are. it’s not their job… it’s ours.  Today’s millennial’s don’t wait, they … (listen to podcast below)


If waiting is sleeping, then dreaming is doing!

When you sleep, you rest when you dream you can DO....

When I look back on the time that I wasted WATING for someone or something to improve my situation, it actually makes me mad. Like most people I was ignorant to the fact that I was in control of my destiny and I was also taught by the generation before me, in the entertainment industry to keep my mouth shut and my ears open.

Truth be told doing that may allow you to keep a job but it won’t make you very successful. In many cases, it will make you a slave to other people’s determination of how high you can climb. And in most cases, it won’t be at your greatest potential.... (listen to podcast) #motivation #podcast 



I can remember being in high school and asking myself repeatedly why am I taking this math lesson I will never use this and like what sense does it make. But as I got older I came to realize the math was very necessary. It certainly applies to life. I have learned that if I got older I use the system of banking which is math when it comes to life. Think about it, at the bank you have leverage, assets, with drawls, deposits, investments, fees, (check out Podcast for more) Follow me on instagram @penniesfromkevin, and Twitter @penniesfromkev


December 23, 2017

Blind Vision

Not long ago I started an additional venture which I had no idea would take off like it did. it became huge, bigger than I had ever anticipated, unfortunately, I didn't have the time or the manpower to tend to it. You have to be careful when you venture out and do something that you're passionate about. you never know if it's going to take off. But there is a good chance that it will. Well it did and at the end of the day I tried to put together a team way too fast to make it work and they weren't ready nor were they really interested. They were blind because they didn't see my vision and I gave up on it myself because I became overwhelmed with other things. In addition, I believe their negative influence and lack of (check out the Podcast for the rest)




Quite often we feel the need to tell others about our goals and plans. That's a big mistake...Here's why... (check out podcast. Make a donation to this podcast so that we can produce more vignettes about life and the pursuit of success. 

This podcast is hosted by Kevin Ross

There are some people who are absolutely set in their ways and they will never change but they need the energy to be negative and negative energy is actually more powerful than positive energy it doesn't take a lot to be positive but it takes a lot to be negative and if you surround yourself with people who are negative and allow them to zap your energy eventually you will be negative too and they move on to the next victim ....  #podcasting #selfhelppodcast

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